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?... turn not aside from following the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart.?           1 Samuel 12:20b 
      As we are now on the other side of our first term of ministry in Tinidad we need to keep in mind the instructions given to us in this verse.

     To those of you who may be new to our website, welcome.  We are Dennis and Bonnie Slothower, born and raised in South Central Pennsylvania (York County) and then transplanted by God into Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies as missionaries.  We are a part of the Association of Baptist for World Evenagelism (ABWE) Missionary Family and we have just completed our first term of service in Trinidad.

     As we reflect back over the past three years we thank our God for the many open doors He gave us to minister through.  Our first term ministries included preaching and teaching for Dennis and for Bonnie, singing and developing a Children's Church for Santa Rosa Bible Church.  We both also taught SS classes at Santa Rosa as well as assisted in the yourth group ministries there.  One new ministry we introduced the teens to was the puppet ministry which they used to minister the gospel message to many people in Trinidad.  We also taught religious instruction (RI) classes in five area governmental schools each week during the school year.  Then during the summer break we developed and conducted VBS's in several of the area churchs.  We were blessed each year to have ministry teams come to Trinidad from the states to assist us with these summer ministries.  We also held open air meetings each week in the area villages.

     As we now find ourselves uprooted from our mission field, we need to remember the insturctions given us in 1 Samuel 12:20b.  Even though we are not in Tinidad at this time, we are still missionaries and we need to be alert as to ways God may choose to use us here in the states for the next several months.

     Our plans, God willing, will be to return to Trinidad somewhere in April or May of 2008, however, our ministry focus will change somewhat.  While we will still contuct RI classes in the area schools and we will still oversee VBS's during the summer months our main church focus will shift from Santa Rosa Bible Church to Tamana Baptist Church.  Dennis was called to pastor this church shortly before we left Trinidad for furlough.  Bonnie will also be very busy at Tamana developing the ladies ministries there.  As we visit with each of the stateside churches during this furlough we will share this new ministey in more detail.

     As we think about our lives and our time here on earth we need to understand that God created each of us for a reason and a season. We find in Joshua 24:15, ?Choose you this day whom ye will serve; ... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.? We all serve our Lord somewhere and in someway every day of our lives, the question is, are we following the Lord and serving Him with all of our heart?

Sent to Serve,

In Love

Dennis & Bonnie Slothower