Slothower's Snip-It's

Greetings from Trinidad,
     We have been having some problems with our internet, email, access the past few weeks. We are not sure we have been getting all of our emails so if you had emailed us within the past two weeks and we have not responded it is very likely that we have not gotten it; could you please send it again.

     This weekend is yet another holiday weekend in Trinidad. Monday is Spiritual-Shouter Baptist Liberation Day; however, don?t confuse this type of Baptist with what you understand to be Baptist in the states as it is very different.

     Because Monday is a holiday that means nothing to Tamana Baptist Church, we will hold a work day on Monday. In fact, starting today, Saturday, shortly after lunchtime we will head to Tamana and spend most of the next three days there ministering in one way or another.  In fact, we will be spending the night, Sunday into Monday sleeping at the church.  As you may or may not know, Tamana has many bats and Bonnie is less than friendly with them.

     We also just found out that Friday April 17th is going to be declared a holiday this year as well. Why you may ask; well Trinidad is hosting the ?America?s Summit? from Friday April 17th thru Sunday April 19th. This will bring leaders in for all over the world, including our leaders from the USA, to meet in Port of Spain (POS) for those three days. Because of this, the roads into POS and many within POS will be closed to normal traffic. So in an attempt to keep people away on Friday, a normal work day, they will declare it a national holiday this year. So more than likely we will hold another work day at Tamana Baptist on that day as well.

     During the Easter holidays, April 5th thru April 13th, there are four different sets of special meeting taking place in area Baptist churches that we fellowship with. These meetings last any where from four days to nine days. Needless to say, we can not attend all the meetings but we hope to make it at least one night to each of the churches. Dennis has been asked to preach at Santa Rosa?s meetings on Thursday night April 9th. Because of Tamana Baptist going to Lagoon Baptist on Saturday April 11th for their meetings we have moved the Men?s and Lady?s ministries to Good Friday. Then with our regular meetings at Tamana plus attending Faith Baptist?s special meetings that week, we will have a very busy week of ministry in many different churches, for which we praise God.

     There are two quick updates from our last letter. First, the forty day memorial service for Kedisha Tidd went very well. There were about 100 people there and Dennis was able to once again share the Gospel with the gathering as he led the service. We also had many opportunities to talk to family members after the service about death and the eternal state of those who have passed away. The second update is on Sheldon and his mother Joyce Moolchan. As you may remember, Sheldon?s father passed away with cancer and Sheldon and Joyce were having some problems adjusting. They both are doing much better; however, Joyce is still unsaved so we will continue to witness to her as God opens doors for us to do so.

     We pray that each of you will have many chances to witness to your family and friends during the coming Easter season.

God bless until we write again,

Dennis and Bonnie