Welcome to Our Mission Field

   One of the things that has been heavy on our hearts about the ministry here in Trinidad is that we had no way to show you some of the people or things we were asking you to pray about.  However, now we do have a way through this new website.

   This section is dedicated to the people and issues we have asked you to bathe in prayer.  By being able to put a face or a photo to the prayer request we are trusting in God to allow your prayers on our behalf to be more fruitful.  Our deepest thanks go to those who are our prayer warriors that live so far away from us but are as close as the Holy Spirit that dwells in all God's children. 



     This dear brother in the Lord is one of the members of Tamana that has many physical problems.  Brother Viking has been struggling with his health for some time.  He is also the one for whom we brought a sofa into the church so he could sit long enough to be a part of our weekly services.  Now we are told that his kidneys are shrinking which is not good news.  Please be in prayer for him with this new development in his health problems.